Cienfuegos - Lost in God's Country
Artist: Cienfuegos
EP: Lost in God's Country
Year: 2016
Label: Bank Records NYC
Lost In God's Country is Alex Suarez's last release on the Brooklyn based imprint Bank records. Cienfuegos aka Alex Suarez is a producer/musician based in Brooklyn. Inspired by fragmented identity, paranoia, anxiety, and an understanding that the world around us has already ended, this new EP unfolds into four interdependent tracks. Slipping Venus, Trabajito, Entre Amigos and Camindos.

Each one announces a different color, yet they all converge. The self reflexive approach of this EP induced by the presence of Alex's own voice, positions it as autobiographical. Undoubtedly, Lost In God's Country is an explosive cocktail of hypnotizing rhythms, leaning toward a contagious viscerality.
The Industrial percussions and obsessive rhythms, tinged with the distorted vocal lines draws one's attention into having an internal faithless experience.

This EP exerts a pronounced tribalism, on one hand the rhythmic approach reminded us of Esplendor Geometrico, on the other hand the use of the voice as sonic element, reminded us of early SPK works. According to Cienfuegos, most of the lyrical content corresponds to some mantra esque meditations on the psychosis caused by this ambiguous paranoia and operates as an attempt to realize that there is no saving grace or tribe that will bring peace. In his own words; "One will never belong where they are." A lot of the lyrics were conceived on small pieces of paper or napkins after long nights out in NYC. An Mpc 1000, a four track tape recorder as well as a DAW to process vocals were used.
The simplicity of this set up creates a mystical complexity. All tracks were recorded in one take in order to capture the essence of this exacerbated feeling, and pessimism that Alex was trying to get rid off.

Lost In God's Country is the expression of Cienfuego's own fragmented cultural identity as well as feelings of paranoia exacerbated by NYC nightlife culture. 'Slippin Venus' opens up the ball with its bewitching drooning which does remind one somewhat of the beginning of an end as if it was announcing a baptism?.. While, 'Trabajito' presents a more nonchalant rhythmic drive. The repetitive patterns seem like calling for a ritual. The visceral beat makes you want to naturally lose yourself and be in trance. On the other hand, 'Entre Amigos' offers more uplifting rhythms. The persistent mechanical beats as well as Cienfuegos wordly vocal feature a hypnotic character that is gradually expanding and becoming denser. Finally, 'Caminando' conveys a mood of relentlessness, its grumbling sounds always tuned with the drums crash into this unknown foggy place, an abyss.As a labyrinth of rhythmic complexity this EP presents an exquisite control over rhythm as well as a sensitivity that won't let you down!

Words: Selwa Abd
Published on: 31 March 2017