013 Andreas Gehm aka Elec Pt.1 LIVE


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Producer, DJ, visual artiste and all-round nice guy, armed only with his wits, formidable charm, searing acid basslines and coagulated kicks: Andreas Gehm. Releasing records since the mid-00s Gehm creates rough acid house and techno for strobe lit warehouses and grimy cellar parties, music for the lost and the damned operating deep in seedy underbelly of the European electronic scene. Transmitting signals quietly but studiously out of the shadows for the previous ten years Gehm's star is very much in the ascendency, with increased attention on his considerable back-catalogue and a plethora of new projects in the works. Graciously Gehm granted Digital Tsunami some of his time so we sat down with him one hot day in July to talk about the influences on his music, the equipment and production methods he chooses, his relationship with Bunker Records and his new label 'Cologne Underground Records', and just why he thought he'd make a song with a three hour break...


Interview: Sam Mee, Published: 14 Jan 2014
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