031 Koehler



When we talk about music, we tend to say: "Hey guys take your time to listen to this guy, he's a new talent, he has a great taste, he is so original" and so on and so on and so on. In these 30 weeks that we've been publishing podcasts - we didn't lie to you. This time story is the same. Daniel lives in Bristol, he often plays d'n'b, he is a rock lover, he kills all his neighbours with the sound of guitar and he likes to drink vodka like an eastern european. This macho man released vinyls on Skudge White, R-zone and one of the most promising record labels nowadays - Berceuse Heroique. We are very happy that this sexy beast is coming to play in London as well at our big late spring full moon party. Take your time to listen this guy!

Published: May 2014
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