The drizzle of acid rain slides down the black adobe slabs of your mind, your eyes lifeless with a dead fury, transcending value, ego and all that entails these demonic things. And but then tension builds but you lose grip and so the thick alloyed cable gets tangled into a Gordian knot, emitting heat and smoke. The iridescent force of the heat has a presence of anger, of the internal frothy excitement you get when you make a life-changing mistake, allowing you to demolish old roads to begin new ones (you know that regret is part-and-parcel, peanut-butter-and-jelly to life and that things like "I live with no regrets" just mean that the speaker of that has made regrets but has gotten over them). This knotted ball of alloyed metal glistens with acidic tension, the silent pause before impact or the moment of bliss of the solider who stands on a land mine knowing their death is a second away.


Published: 4 Feb 2015
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