074 ASOK

For 10000 years they had struggled: from Babylon through Athens, Rome and Madrid to Paris, London and New York. Atop mountain roads, inside splendid courts and out of libraries lost deep in desert cities Jerusalem , Beijing and Baghdad influenced and informed. They had trudged in circles to collapse, murdered, enslaved and colonised yet gradually they grew until Florence bloomed, Vienna sang and Amsterdam shone with wealth and tolerance. Finally one day armed with wit and wisdom gleaned from Empires long since fallen men and women broke through heaven, declared to have found themselves inside a ticking clock and believed all the world was theirs. The blue dot shrank and time collapsed and now freely competing units stood aligned and illuminated with no bonds between them save for the fear they might not mean anything at all. Fraught with ghosts of monkeys past, status hierarchies and violence: dreams were truth, symbols were substance and individuality was realised only through fleshy systems of mutually affirmed illusion. Amidst the melting world and subjected to oppressive hatred born in terror of the new delusion brave heroes found spaces where they could happily assert their souls and in doing so be nothing and everything at once. Across dark floors and between quantised sonic structures the bright howl of the human spirit could freely be unleashed. Clubland: the modern refuge from the machine. Mirror world. Where computer music gives expression to the human heart, where individuals are fully realised within the swaying whole, finding peace amidst electric beats and light within the dark.


Published: 21 May 2015
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