080 Ultradyne



...yeah so reality streams into your mind via your five senses, but its not reality in its totality, its just those parts of reality that evolution has deemed necessary for you to recognise for the survival of your DNA, like you cant see gamma rays, but theyre out there and theyre reality too. Anyway you recognise this vanishingly small fraction of what actually exists, but then this sliver of reality itself is warped by your perception, thats the process of attributing meaning to what it is youre recognising. See really you see youre just a hyper-aware monkey scared to the verge of insanity by the fact that you can recognise that youre alive and you see your Self as separate from your body. The reaction to this is to create patterns, to give meaning, because without meaning wed all just be nihilists and wed never get anywhere. So this process of giving meaning to everything thats going on out there beyond the dome of you skull we call that culture, its basically perceptual conditioning. Culture is what happens when a group of hyper-aware monkeys live together ascribing essentially random meanings to the tiny portion of reality they can sense so that they can get on with each other, find existential peace, sleep at night, have kids, not jump off cliffs that sort of thing. But this process of conditioning its so normal to us because its hard wired into our very being that we dont even realise its going on. Its like were living mutually affirmed bubbles weve blown for ourselves, like giant cooing super-babies. We call these bubbles civilisations, the values and meanings that underpin everything we do and why we do it, but we dont think about them and just take all this stuff at face value. We call it common sense, theres no such thing as common sense. It was common sense to worship Jupiter once, or keep slaves or not let women vote. Common sense is just the stuff you dont think about because you just take it for granted without ever wondering why...
Ultradyne consists of two anthropoids, one from Detroit the other from the Netherlands, we wont reveal their names because thats not the point. Ultradyne have been making dark, deep, intense and in-your-face electro tracks since the mid-90s, with their first relase, E.Coli appearing on the legendary Warp Records. Their label, Pi-Gao Movement appeared in 1999 with the release of their first album, Antarctica. 2013 saw the reinvigoration of the Ultradyne project with fresh releases and bookings. This recording is taken from a session in Berlins Suicide Circus, (Alone? Bored? Desperate? Suicide!). Ultradyne: A point. A circle. A wheel. A wagon. A car. An airplane. Spacecraft. Time travel. The transformation of an idea. Conceptual evolution realised in this case via audio-visual manifestations.

Published: 12 July 2015
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