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I had been tending to my computer at work for several years now, gently feeding it knowledge, nursing its addiction to the lives of capricious human beings. Denial, bad coffee, alcohol, processed food and empty relationships aided me in my task. It wasnt a thankless undertaking however, occasionally I was given sweets and shiny little stars. If I was really good I might even get a few more tokens to pay off some debts. Effectively my whole life revolved around feeding this machine, an access point to what was a growing database of human activity; a testimony in silicon to the dreams and sordid little affairs of human beings. I was, it seemed, a small insect navigating the back of some giant clicking lummox as it steadily gained sentience on the third rock from the sun, only rather than drawing blood I steadily fed it in.


Words: Sam Mee, Published: 2 December 2015
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