090 Beau Wanzer


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I had been lying on my back in the gutter staring at the stars for some time. Bourbon can be a great friend but on other occasions it can just push you over the edge, I guess this had been one of those moments. A long lost moment, with much of it smeared across my body, encased in my unconscious awaiting special private moments and sweaty palmed flashbacks. Bored of the Milky Way I stood up and brushed myself down, road dust percolating away into the night like little angels glittering in the electric light, gutter filth soaking my trousers in a beautiful oily petrol sheen. Spinning inwards and outwards I re-orientated myself and paced off carefully in the direction of the bar, cursing my choices whilst smiling at my wrecked bravery in the face of oblivion.


Words: Sam Mee, Published: 28 December 2015
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