096 Fallbeil


01. Wosto - Rhythmeditbox (Mynameismyname 001 )
02. Wosto - Habbiteditkick (Mynameismyname 001)
03. Wosto - Haigisedit (Unreleased)
04. Wosto - Finaleditreport (Unreleased)
05. Wosto - Kohlenpottedit (Unreleased)
06. Kluentah - Siouxiedit (Unreleased)
07. Wosto - Bitethemeditback (Unreleased)
08. Kluentah - Moertel (Unreleased)
09. Fallbeil - Orontius (Upcoming Release)
10. Kluentah - Alle gegen Alle (Unreleased)
11. Fallbeil - Plata O Plomo (Unreleased)
12. Fallbeil - Zielfahndung (Unreleased)
13. Fallbeil - Bassus Fatum (Unreleased)
14. Fallbeil - Secret Codes (Upcoming Release)
15. Fallbeil - Nocturnal (Hafenschlamm 084)
16. Fallbeil - Blatant (Unreleased)
17. Fallbeil - No Inflatabels (Unreleased)
18. Fallbeil - Erroneous Data (Unreleased)
19. Kluentah - Circle of Power (Newyorkhaunted)
20. Wosto - Dog Shit (Unreleased)
21. Fallbeil - Hood Dryer (Unreleased)
22. Fallbeil introduces Mesopelagial - Eskalation (Unreleased)
23. Fallbeil - Beat 2 (Unreleased)
24. Fallbeil feat. Mc Sensational - I got it (Upcoming Release)
25. Wosto - LautereditLollineumann (Unreleased)

Fallbeil are Wosto and Mike aka Kluentah. Both are heavy record collectors since 15/20 years and have released their music on New York Haunted, Contort Yourself and Hafenschlamm Rekords to name a few. Besides Fallbeil, they are doing edits of tracks from old records. Wosto formed an edit label called mynameismyname where they both release one edit per side on 7". The first record just came out recently and can be heard at the beginning of the mix.

The mix consists exclusively of edits and Fallbeil tracks plus some unheard side projects of the two dudes. Most of them are unreleased tracks/edits. Some edits are made by Wosto, some by Kluentah + selfmade solo tracks by each. It is the first mix with tracks and edits exclusively by themselves.

Fallbeil were trying to record the mix with cd players and Ableton and it turned out to be a pain in the ass because both are vinyl heads. So they bought Serato Scratch Live to have that vinyl mix feeling and achieve the perfect result.

They are very happy with the final outcome and so are we!

Published: 9 March 2016
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