121 Collin Strange

Collin Strange has a long and storied history in the New York City underground music scene of the nineties. From owning a record shop in the East Village, to working at the largest Record distributors, Dj'ing anywhere from the dirtiest lower east side squats to the famed Limelight, from playing in hardcore punk and noise bands, to producing music alone, Strange was around at one of the most vibrant (and transitional) times in New York history. On the cusp of culture crackdown which choked the life out of the city, he was forced into exile. Currently located in Seattle, Strange has picked up right where he left off, plugging in the analog gear and churning out blistering acid cuts with a very D.I.Y. edge that brings to mind Drop Bass Network, Unit Moebius, or free party French acid of old. Coming full circle, his new tracks are completely at home on L.I.E.S. and his live performances will undoubtedly thrash any soundsystem in sight.


Photo: Valerie Calano, Published: 9 March 2017
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