132 Myn

Parisian Matthieu Foltyn found his way in electronic music via his uncle David who use to live on the north of France, had a record store with a lot of EBM and industrial stuff and was a resident at the legendary Belgian club Boccacio in the early 90's. Matthieu started to shape his music career back in 2012. For the past five years he had residency in one of the famous Australian clubs Mercat Basement in Melbourne, worked a lot with Eight Nine crew in at Boney, released his own music under Myn alias and even started a label Public System Recordings. You can see the imprints main concept straight in its logo and identity: security camera is watching you all the time, closely and inevitably. No one can escape it, just like can't escape falling in love with the last release "All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace", double LP compilation with 13 sharp techno and electro cuts with the strong industrial fleur from 13 different artists.


Interview: Julia Si, Published: 14 Sep 2017
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