144 Kris Baha

There are times when things get a little bit too deliberate down in the clubs and up in the playlists. These are times when everyone is suddenly surfing the same soundwaves. Gladly, there's always a certain someone around the corner who doesn't take things that serious. This time it's a certain Kris Baha. His approach to music and things around it might have to do with a fact that he spent 26 years of his life upside down. In fact, we couldn't resist but ask him how the hell did rave even get imported into Australia in the first place. Here's a little Q&A to accompany his mix for DT. And, by the way, Rammstein vs An-i vs Alessandro Adriani would make a hell of a lineup. One day, Kris, one day.


Interview: Daina Dubauskaitė, Published: 22 March 2018
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