173 Dissemblance

Paris based Dissemblance aka Mathilde Mallen has a wide and enduring love of music. Classically trained on the cello from the age of seven Mallen went on to teach herself bass guitar playing in rock bands such as Fessée and Wild Horses. A musician first Mallen has been collecting vinyl for almost twenty years whilst her writing, arrangements, performances and productions have witnessed release on variety of labels over the past fifteen years. Dissemblance is the latest personification of Mallen’s talent and hears the work of the previous years distilling into something distinct and hauntingly beautiful. Dissemblance has constructed an idiosyncratic podcast for us which can only be born of someone with such depth of musical experience. We managed to swap electronic signals to discuss a little of Dissemblance’s musical background, dream collaborations and the inspirations behind her new album, ‘Over The Sand’.


Interview: Sam Mee, Published: 2 Dec 2019
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