179 Marsman

Patrick Marsman, AKA Marsman is a very busy man. Back in 2013 the label Pinkman was first given form with Drvg Cvltvre’s Offender Status ‎E.P. over the following years Pinkman has gone on to release music from a wealth of talented artists including Antenna, DJ Overdose, Identified Patient, Alessandro Adriani, Xosar, Black Merlin and our very own Ernestas Sadau, among many others. Pinkman has since been complimented with the materialisation of sub-label Charlois and the tougher edged white label series Pinkman Broken Dreams. Marsman has also been responsible for instigating and realising Rotterdam’s very own digital radio station, Operator along with Osman Bas, Ofra Beenen, Jeff van Hoek and Jorn de Vries in 2017, with Operator now sitting in the swirling, luminescent kernel of Rotterdam's’ cultural firmament. A firm Tsunami favourite, Marsman is the epitome of DT style: creative, vigorous, fiercely idiosyncratic and relentlessly DIY. We’re ecstatic therefore to be able to present our latest podcast and interview courtesy of this exponent of quality underground electronic music and hard working architect of the contemporary Rotterdam underground.


Interview: Sam Mee, Published: 8 Jun 2020
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