180 Pasiphae

Fotini Kappa has been partaking in creative endeavours since her childhood in Greece, while her relocation to the Netherlands in 2013 brought forth the musical project titled Pasiphae. A talented producer thrust to the foreground of the scene with 2016‘s “Made of Glass EP” crafted together with Intergalactic Gary, Pasiphae has released further solo work on Artificial Dance, Marguerite Records and is set to deliver something promising on Pinkman; as a DJ she broadcasts diverse soundscapes over Intergalactic FM, Operator and other unorthodox wavelengths, while in a non-pandemic setting, her energetic dancefloor sets deliver hard-hitting beats and harmonies both sinister and elegant, never crossing over into the banal. The artist reveals many insights and several secrets regarding her work in the accompanying Q&A.


Interview: Viktoras Urbaitis, Published: 4 Aug 2020
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