184 PRZ

Gal Perez a.k.a. PRZ is an active record producer from Israel. Running the label Chateau Royal together with his partner in crime Rapha, PRZ is a vibrant force in the realm of synth-driven electro beats. His most recent involvement has been Pluto Junkies, a collaboration between three nomads – the aforementioned Rapha, PRZ and DT’s own Ernestas Sadau; their shredding debut EP “Flying Spaghetti Monstership” landed in stores just a few weeks before this conversation, having been released as the first 12’’ of Pinkman’s new subdivision, Minri. PRZ’s solo work has also been delivered by Housewax, Bauhaus Records and Parallax, always jam packed with sharp rhythms and melodies.


Interview: Viktoras Urbaitis, Published: 11 Feb 2021
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